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Q: I don't have a team, but I want to make sure I play.  How do I do this?

A: You should join as a "Free Agent".  People often think that "Free Agent" means they will have to try out or get picked by a team, or that they will only get to play as subs.  This definitely isn't true.  All free agents will be placed onto teams at the start of the season and will play with the same team every week - you're just leaving it up to us to assign you to a team.  Joining as a free agent is our most popular way to get involved, and it's extremely important to us that we help connect people within our community!  Our goal is to get you out to play, and if you can't put a team together or don't know anyone in the area we would LOVE to introduce you to some fun loving athletes who you might never have met without us!

Q: What does it mean to join as a Captain, Team Player, or Free Agent?

A:  We encourage everyone to join and play, and so we offer ways to sign up regardless of how many other people want to join you.  Signing up as a Captain allows you to name your team, invite others to join, and in general be the "point person" for communication.  A captain's primary responsibility is to make sure there will be enough players arriving at each game.  Joining as a Team Player means that you'll be added to an existing team, usually because the captain has invited you or it's a team you've played with before.  Joining as a Free Agent, which is our most popular way to join if you've never played before, means that you will be added to an existing team.  If you have a few friends you'd like to play with but not enough for a full team, you will be given the option to create a "small group" when you register as a free agent.  We will do our best to make sure members of a small group are all put on a team together.  

Regardless of how you join, you'll get the chance to meet new people, play in organized leagues and events, and hopefully find a home in the growing community of healthy, active adults know as Mercer County Club Sports!

Q: I don't have enough players to create a team, but a few of us want to make sure we play together.  Can we do that? 

A: Absoultely, and it's really simple - just register as a "Free Agent", and while you do so there should be an option to "Create a Small Group".  Members of a small group will be put onto a team together.  If that option doesn't exist when you go to register (we sometimes make mistakes!) please send an email to indicating who you would like to pair together as well as a notice to let us know there was no small group option.

Q: Where do you play?

A: Where ever we can find space!  We don't own any facilities of our own so we are constantly looking for indoor and outdoor spaces that we can rent for a reasonable cost.  If you know of a good place for us to play, drop us a line and let us know who to contact to discuss a rental agreement.  Our ideal space is a gym or field primarily used for sports, and we prefer spaces that allow two or more games to run at the same time.  

Check out our "Locations" page to see where we have existing reservations for space.

Q: I won't be able to make it to every game.  Can I still join? 

A: Of course!  We all have other things in our lives - family, work, vacations, other commitments, etc.  All teams operate with several "subs" available, so missing a game probably won't put your team at a great disadvantage.  If you can't make a game please make sure your captain is aware with plenty of advanced notice.  To avoid forfeits there is a sub policy to bring outsiders onto teams when necessary.  We won't force you to come to games or expect you to have 100% attendance.  However, if you know your schedule conflicts with the bulk of the season or you can only make one of the time slots that games will be played, we recommend that you wait for a more appropriate offering before registering.  It's tough playing with a teammate that rarely shows up for games, and you won't be getting enough field time to justify your registration cost.  We do not refund players for unplayed games, regardless of the reason. 

Q: The league I want to join has games at 8PM and 9PM, but I know I can't make the 9PM games.  Can I have a team that only plays at 8PM (obviously these times are just examples of a common question we receive). 

A: Unfortunately no, we can't make that accommodation.  When you join, please know that you will receive a schedule that is a mix of all of the times that games may potentially be hosted.  If you know you will miss a large portion of your games because of scheduling conflicts we encourage you to either consider a league that better fits your timing or check out how our sub policy might allow you to get in a few games. 

Q: What is your refund policy? 

A: We are not able to offer refunds.  Please make sure you intend to play before registering.  If you change your mind, change your plans, get injured, or for whatever other reason won't be playing the season with us please let your league manager know, in some circumstances we may offer credit towards future play but that will be decided on a case by case basis.  

Q: What is the difference between a League and an Event?

A: Leagues are organized to have continuous play for several weeks, typically followed by playoffs.  Usually we try to organize leagues so play occurs on the same day every week, say every Monday or every Wednesday.  Each player is assigned to a team and will have a schedule defined at the beginning of the season.  You will be matched against a different team each week.  By contrast, an event is typically a one or two day extravaganza, in which teams will play round-robin or tournament style matches against other competitors.  Events might also be special programs we partner with other organizations to provide to our members - like an introduction to CrossFit, a self defense course, a 5k or marathon, group travel opportunity, etc.

Q: Why are you different from similar organizations that existed around here in the past?

A: There are a number of things that set us apart, but the biggest difference is that we are locals.  All of us involved in Mercer County Club Sports live, work, and play right here in the area.  Our first intention when organizing sport leagues was to have a consistent offering of activities for us to play in!  We want to build a community of people seeking to be healthy, active, and competitive together.  We also have a strong interest in promoting and partnering with local businesses.  We highly encourage you to use the gyms, physicians, restaurants, professional organizations, and fitness events that sponsor us.  We are always expanding our network of sponsors and love to support and cross-promote other health and fitness related businesses and events.  Drop us a line if there's an event or business that would benefit from partnering with us!

Q:  How can I help Mercer County Club Sports grow?

A: If you're like most of the people we meet, you'd love to see more sports, more locations, more nights to play, and a larger community of people getting out to play together!  Please "Like" our Facebook page, tell your friends about us, and do whatever you can to spread the word.  We will happily send you flyers you can print, business cards you can distribute, QR codes to post, etc.  Send us an email if you're interested in taking an active role in promoting us and helping us grow.

Q: Are you looking for help?

A: Yes!  We are in need of reliable, confident individuals to referee our leagues and events.  We are also looking to develop a sales model where you can actually earn money for getting people signed up to play.  Are you the type who LOVES to get others involved in what you like?  Why not make a few dollars while helping build a stronger community of athletes?  Send us an email with the subject line "Referee Help" or "Sales Help" to learn more about these opportunities. 

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