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Futsal Rules

The Pitch

Futsal is played on a marked pitch and the ball can go out of play


Up to 12 players can be used in one match and there is no limit on how long a player must stay on or off the pitch. Players must enter and leave the field of play from in front of the respective teams bench.


In order to restart the game after a ball has gone out of play the ball is kicked back into play from the touchline and from corners. The ball must be placed stationary on the touchline and the feet of the player taking the kick-in must not cross the line.

The Four Second Rule

For kick-ins, free kicks, goal clearances and corner kicks the player in possession of the ball has 4 seconds to restart play which the referee will count with their fingers in the air. If play hasn't restarted within four seconds, possession is surrendered to the opposing team. The goalkeeper is not allowed to control the ball for more than 4 seconds in his/her own half.

The Five Meter Rule

Players are required to keep 5m (16.5 feet) from the player in possession of the ball on free kicks, corners, goal clearances, kick-ins and penalties.


Goalkeepers are allowed to come out of and players are allowed to go into the penalty area during the run of play.

A restart from the goalkeeper must be thrown out, but the goalkeeper can use their feet to distribute the ball from open play.


Back Passes

Once the goalkeeper has played the ball he/she cannot touch the ball again unless an opposition player has touched the ball or if the goalkeeper is passed the ball in the opponents half.

Red Cards

If a player is sent off then the team to which the player belongs must remain with 4 players until either two minutes have passed, or the opposition have scored a goal.

Accumulated Fouls

Each team will be allowed to give away 5 direct free kicks in each half of the game, then on the sixth foul a direct kick will be awarded to the opposing team and the defending team is not allowed to position any players (other than the goalkeeper) between the ball and the goal. The kick may be taken from the top of the 3 point line. 


No stoppages in the half except for timeouts.

Futsal games consist of 2 halves of 22 minute halves.


Each team is permitted one timeout of 60 seconds each half. Does not accumulate for 2nd half if not used in the 1st.

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