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If you need to find substitutes, refer to our Facebook page: MCCS Substitutes.

Captains and players should be familiar with our Sub policy.  Failure to adhere to the sub policy can result in forfeit of game, removal of a player or players for an entire season, or if multiple offenses occur, a potential lifetime ban from Mercer County Club Sports events.  We strictly adhere to our sub policy to keep play fair and to ensure that all players are properly covered by our insurance policy.  

As a guiding rule, the sub policy is designed to keep teams from having to forfeit or play short handed when they will not have enough players.  It is not a way for unregistered players to join the league or for teams to bring "ringers" to play with them.  

1) When do teams need subs?

Teams can add subs only if they will have fewer than 2 bench players for a game.  Teams can add subs as necessary to field a full team, but cannot have more than 2 bench players if subs are added.  The only exception to this rule is that teams may add ONE female substitute regardless of the total number of bench players if that team would otherwise be playing a game with no female substitutes (example - if a league requires 2 female players on field, and 2 rostered females are present for a game, that team may add 1 female substitute regardless of the number of total players)

If rostered players arrive late to a game subs will be removed to allow the rostered players to join.  

2) Who can play as a sub?

Teams have 2 options of who to add as a sub

Option 1 - A player from the same league who plays for another team can be added.  In most sports, adding a player from within the league will include a "score penalty" such as one goal per player added.  Please see the rules specific to your sport for details. 

Option 2 - A player from outside the league can be added but MUST first be registered as a Substitute through our website.  Subs are not covered by our insurance policy and are strictly forbidden from playing if they have not properly registered.  Registered subs can sign up by going to and clicking the "Season Registered Sub".  Registering as a sub is free and registered subs are eligible for any sport for an entire season, but players must bring $10 cash (exact change only) to be handed to the referee before the start of the game.  Players must also show proof of substitute registration, emailed after registration is complete, to be able to play.  Failure to follow this policy will result in forfeit. 

3) How do subs work in the playoffs?

Teams can add subs as necessary, but cannot have more than 2 bench players if subs are added.

Teams cannot use registered league players from another team in the playoffs.

Depending on the sport, registered subs must have played at least 2 regular season games with the same team in order to be eligible as subs in playoff games. 

4) Where do I find subs?

Teams are responsible for finding subs.  We are working on ways to facilitate communication between teams and potential subs.  However, MCCS will not coordinate subs or be responsible for teams who forfeit because of a failure to understand sub policy.  If you need to find substitutes, refer to our Facebook page: MCCS Substitutes.

5) What if I need to make an exception to these rules?   

No exceptions can be made to the sub policy.  If a game cannot be played by following the sub policy, the team will forfeit the game and may choose to play a scrimmage/exhibition game with any MCCS registered players or registered subs.  

If circumstances arrive (injury, travel, pregnancy, etc) that will cause a playoff game to be a forfeit, please contact the League Manger for your sport or well before your scheduled game.  Captains of the league may agree to allow a modified team for playoffs.  

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