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Our priority is to cultivate a community of athletes participating in fun, clean, healthy competition and displaying positive sportsmanship whenever possible.  Manipulation of the rules, unnecessarily aggressive play, derogatory language towards teammates or opponents, retaliation, or behaviors indicative of "poor sports" should be avoided. Always remember our main goal is to have fun!  

Any ruling or situation that is not described here will be open to the interpretation of the referee and league managers with the intention of creating the most fair and balanced play possible.   The referee will give a warning to players who are deemed to be attempting to create an unfair advantage, regardless of whether their behavior is violating a specific rule or not.   If this behavior continues, then the players and team risk ejection from a game.

We reserve the right to eject, suspend, or ban players from participation if their on or off field behavior is determined to be in opposition to the intentions of our community.  

Please read over the rules and regulations for the specific league in which you are participating this season. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

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